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Ain't Just Whistlin'  Dixie   Jazz Band

AJWD Jazz Band


"They are incredible and they put everyone in a good mood!"

David Karns WRCBtv

"As I listened to their music God brought joy, peace and hope to me."

Amy Mann CTN Cleveland

"They are a spirit raising jazz band!"

The Daily Citizen - Dalton, GA

"They are super entertaining!"

Deputy Director Hamilton County Parks


//  Origin:  Chattanooga, TN
//  Genres:  Traditional Jazz / Dixieland
//  Years Active:  May 2020 - Present
/  Available for:  Festivals, Parties, Private Events, Corporate Events, Weddings, Etc.
// Fun Fact:  age range of group: 14 to 80!
Short Bio

Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie - Jazz Band is a unique, traditional jazz band located in the hills of Chattanooga, TN.  AJWD's distinctive sound is kindled by the belief that music should be fun and awaken joy in others.  With a style of collective improvisation inspired by spirituals, blues, ragtime and traditional jazz, AJWD creates the "happiest music on earth!"




Band: AJWD - Jazz Band |

Management/Booking: Kimberly Altenberg |

Management/Booking: Jim Altenberg |

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